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This video shows Alexander Nouri at 90 TV . Adel Ferdosipour is the producer and also host of the popular TV show which is NAVAD or 90. The TV show “90″ has been on air for 15 years now. Adel Ferdosipour family are from Rafsanjan where is a famous town in Kerman province. Adel Ferdosipour is an alumnus of the best University of Iran where is Sharif University of Technology .Adel Ferdosipour is a lecturer of professional language. Adel Ferdosipour is claimed to be a famous Perspolis fan, although to be honest it is difficult to predict from his logical comments. Adel Ferdosipour is a close friend to the best Iranian football player in the history Ali Daei as Adel and Ali both attended the same university(Sharif University of Technology). Adel Ferdosipour is the captain of celebrities team in Iran. Adel Ferdosipour is considered to be one of the most famous public figures in Iran specialy in football, all due to his sincerity,honesty, and even disagreeing and questioning with high authority officials. His famous program(NAVAD or 90) which airs on Monday nights and has an audience of over 30 million. Watch this video.

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