This video shows Magic Dribbling Skills of Ali Karimi vs Germany national football team in 2004.Mohammad Ali Karimi Pashaki known as Ali Karimi is a famous Iranian football player. Ali Karimi played for 15 years for the Iran football national team. Mohammad-Ali Karimi was awarded the Asian Football player of the Year in 2004. Ali karimi also made the second place in 2012 when he was 34. Mohammad-Ali Karimi Pashaki is capable of playing on an attacking midfielder, the wings and also deep-lying forward. Ali Karimi is known for his famous dribbling runs and ball skill. Ali Karimi is often referred to as the Asian Maradona and it is believed to be one of Iran’s greatest players. Ali Karimi began his football career with Fath Tehran club and he joined Perspolis in 1998. For Iran national football team, Ali Karimi has been capped 126 times since making his debut in September 1998, and Ali Karimi scored 38 goals so far. Ali Karimi has participated in 5 famous tournaments including 1998 Asian Games, Asian Cups of 2000, 2004, and 2007 and finally 2006 FIFA World Cup. On May 2005, Bayern Munich’s website announced that Bayern Munich signed a one-year contract with Ali Karimi who became the 3th Iranian after Ali Daei & Vahid Hashemian. In 5 October 2004, Iran hosted Germany national football team in a friendly game in which Ali Karimi played. The famous dutch magazine kicker picked Ali Karimi as the man of the match. What a moment.. As you know Football refers to a number of sports that include, to varying issues, kicking one ball with foot to score a great goal.Lionel Messi is one on the best football players at the history of this beautiful sport. The most famous of these sports worldwide is football association, more commonly known as just “soccer” or “football”. You can see funny moments of this great sport every day but some of these funny moments are really fantastic and can make people happy .In this video you can watch one of the funniest video related to football concept. Football is one attractive sport and nobody can deny that football is the best sport in the world. There are many things which can be funny in the football ground such as funny fails or funny players.The football is the best sport and we can say that football is like life.You must watch the video. What a moment.This is so funny.


Ali Karimi

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