This video shows the Iranian Messi,Reza Parastesh in Russia – 2018 FIFA World Cup . Iranian Lionel Messi Reza Parastesh wanted to meet Leo Messi in Barcelona but he couldn’t do it .His name is Reza Parastesh. You must watch the video. This is unbelievable. What a similarity. Lionel Messi is one on the best football players at the history of this beautiful sport. The most famous of these sports worldwide is football association, more commonly known as just “soccer” or “football”. You can see funny moments of this great sport every day but some of these funny moments are really fantastic and can make people happy .In this video you can watch one of the funniest video related to football concept. Football is one attractive sport and nobody can deny that football is the best sport in the world. There are many things which can be funny in the football ground such as funny fails or funny players.The football is the best sport and we can say that football is like life.

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