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This video shows Ricardinho Fantastic Rabona Goal. Ricardo Filipe da Silva Braga or Ricardinho is a famous Portuguese professional futsal player .Ricardo Filipe da Silva Braga or Ricardinho plays for Spanish club Inter FS. Ricardinho is captain of the Portugal national team as a winger. Futsal is a  football association  that is played on a indoor field and mainly played with small field. Futsal can be considered a five player football.The name of Futsal comes from the Portuguese term which is Futebol de salão .This term can be translated as “room soccer”. Futsal originated from Uruguay in 1929. In many countries like Brazil, this sport is played by more player than soccer but this sport didn’t attract football fans like the outdoor sport. Futsal is a famous game played between 2 teams with 5 players each. But one of these five players is the goalkeeper. What a goal. This is a crazy goal.




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