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This video shows the last conversation of Behnoosh Bakhtiari and Amir Tataloo. Behnoosh Bakhtiari is a famous Iranian actress. The Iranian Film Industry has garnered global fame and now enjoy an international following. Along with many countries like China, Islamic Republic of Iran has been lauded as one of the most important and also best exporters of cinema in the 1980s. Some people now rank Islamic Republic of Iran as the world’s most vital national cinema, artistically. There are many famous international actors and actresses who played many famous international movies so far. Jayezeh-ye Bozorg ,Khodahafez Bache,Char Khooneh,Shabha-ye Barareh,Eyde Emsal and Shabha-ye Barareh are her most famous TV Series. Behnoosh Bakhtiari is one of the most famous Iranian actress. Behnoosh Bakhtiari has the most instagram followers in Iran Social Media.

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