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This funny video shows the moment when David Beckham trolls Brooklyn Beckham about Instagram video! David Robert Joseph Beckham is the 40 years old football retired player who was unceremoniously totally covered in one special sticky substance as David Beckham took part in a his skit onstage with his boys Cruz Beckham and also Romeo Beckham. And ever the old issue, the famous former LA Galaxy star are still managing to raise a cute smile after being totally covered in the special unsavory liquid.And while David Beckham always looks to come out of everything smelling of roses but this time was the one special occasion where the greatest player of England and also LA star’s luck ran out.David Robert Joseph’s professional team career began with famous international club Manchester United. Manchester United made David Robert Joseph Beckham famous in 1992 when he was only 17. Paris Saint-Germain wast the last club of David Robert Joseph Beckham before retirement. What a funny video.

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