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The video shows the funny mistakes by Peyman Yousefi .Peyman Yousefi is an Iranian football commentator, journalist, television show host and also television show producer. Peyman Yousefi was the host and also producer of the popular television show which was Football e Bartar. In football broadcasting, a football commentator (also known as football announcer, sportscaster and also play-by-play announcer) explains a running commentary of a football match in real time, always during a live broadcast. The comments of football commentator are normally a voiceover. This voiceover with the sounds of the spectators and also action heard in the background of the match. In the case of football commentary, the football commentators are on screen rarely if at all during the football match. Also football commentators may appear on the camera at the start or near end of the broadcast. Peyman Yousefi is famous in Iran because of his funny mistakes during the running a football commentary. Nobody can deny that you never see the TV Bloopers and also football commentary mistakes but Peyman Yousefi has another story. This is one of the best moments of Peyman Yousefi.

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