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The video shows the great performance of Mansour Bahrami against John McEnroe and Henri Leconte who are famous tennis players. Mansour Bahrami is of the Greatest Tennis’ Entertainer . Mansour Bahrami is a professional Iranian tennis player. Mansour Bahrami has held dual French and Iranian nationality since 1990. While only moderately successful on the main Association of Tennis Professionals tour, Mansour Bahrami’s showmanship has made him a long-standing and famous figure in invitational tournaments. The time came when the Iranian Tennis team was short of professional players and Mansour Bahrami was finally permitted to play the game on thr tennis court. Mansour Bahrami’s talent was obvious. Mansour Bahrami reached the Davis Cup team (and Mansour Bahrami helped the team to victory at the age of just seventeen).Mansour Bahrami spent the next 3 years playing backgammon because all tennis courts were closed down. This video shows his Unbelievable Moments at Optima Open.

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