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The video shows the last performance of Siamak khorrami at USA. Mohammad Siamak khorrami is a famous Iranian MMA fighter. Kurash is one of famous the Turkic terms for “wrestling” and specifically is related to a number of beautiful wrestling styles specifically in Central Asia. Mixed martial arts or MMA is a fampus full-contact combat sport .Mixed martial arts allows the use of both grappling techniques and also striking , both on the ground and standing , from a variety of other martial arts and combat sports like Kurash and Kata..Kurash and Kata basicly were training and also teaching methods with which successful combat techniques were passed on and also preserved. Practicing kata allowed th person to engage in a struggle making a systematic method, rather than as individuals. The final target of kata is to transmit and also reserve proven methods,techniques and to practice self-defence. Kurash is the main competition at the world festival where use towels to hold their competitors.

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