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The video shows the angry conversations of Vladimir Alekno with Saeid Marouf during the volleyball match between Iran and Russia. Saeed Marouf was born in October 20, 1985. Saeid Marouf was born in Urmia City where located in West Azerbaijan. Mir-Saeid Marouf is a famous volleyball player from Iran. Mir-Saeid Marouf Lakrani plays as a setter for Men’s National Team. Mir-Saeid Marouf Lakrani was named Best Setter aon July 2008 Olympic Qualification Tournament and also 2012 Olympic Qualification Tournament. This video shows the Fantastic Performance of Mir-Saeid Marouf Lakrani at the famous volleyball match between Iran against United States of America. The Iran men’s national volleyball team or IMNV is the national men’s volleyball team of Islamic Republic of Iran. The Iran men’s national volleyball team home venues are the Azadi Indoor Stadium and also Azadi Volleyball Hall.Shahram Mahmoudi,Saman Faezi,Milad Ebadipour,Saeid Marouf,Farhad Ghaemi,Mohammad Mousavi,Farhad Zarif,Pouria Fayazi,Adel Gholami,Mojtaba Mirzajanpour,Amir Ghafour,Mehdi Mahdavi,Abdolreza Alizadeh and Armin Tashakkori are famous players of the Iran men’s national volleyball team.The final Match is Iran 0- Russia 3.

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