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This video shows the Significant Work of Mohammad Reza Shajarian. Morghe Sahar is the name of this song. Mohammad-Reza Shajarian is a critically acclaimed and an internationally Persian classical singer and composer. Mohammad-Reza Shajarian is Ostad (master) of Persian music. Mohammad-Reza Shajarian is has been named ” Best living master of traditional Persian music.Mohammad-Reza Shajarian is famous for his skills in humanitarian activities and also Persian calligraphy. Mohammad-Reza Shajarian was born 23 September 1940 in Mashhad. Mohammad-Reza Shajarian started his professional singing career in 1958 at Radio Khorasan.
Mohammad-Reza Shajarian has collaborated with Faramarz Payvar,Mohammad Reza Lotfi,Parviz Meshkatian and also Hossein Alizadeh. Sina Sarlak , Shahram Nazeri,Homayoun Shajarian ,Hamid Reza Noorbakhsh,Hesamoddin Seraj,Mohsen Keramati and Ali Jahandar are his notable students. Homayoun Shajarian is son of Mohammad Reza Shajarian. Aastaan e Jaanaan , Doud-e-Oud,Dar Khiaa,Cheshmeye Noush,Serr-e-Eshgh ,Chehre be Chehre ,Ghasedak,Zemestaan Ast and Night, Silence, Desert are his Significant Works.

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