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The video shows the hilarious weightlifting moment. This is one of the funniest weightlifting moment ever. He attamped 3 times but he couldn’t do it. Weightlifting or Olympic-style weightlifting is an athletic discipline in the modern Olympic sport games in which the athlete try to lift a a barbell loaded with heavy weight plates. The 2 competition lifts in order are the clean and jerk and also the snatch. Each weightlifter has 3 attempts in each competition ( 3 attamps for the clean and jerk and also 3 attempts for the snatch ), and the combined total of the maximum 2 successful lifts determines the total result of the weightlifter. Bodyweight categories are different for men and women. Sports where strength training are central are weightlifting, bodybuilding,Highland games, powerlifting, discus throw, strongman, shotput and also javelin throw. This video shows of the best weightlifting moments every .You myst watch this video.

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