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The video shows the Chaharshanbe Suri in Tehran. Chaharshanbe Suri is a famous Iranian festival celebrated by all Iranians people such as Persian people,Kurdish people and also Azerbaijani people . Chaharshanbe Suri takes place on the last Wednesday in Iran before Eyd or the Iranian New Year. The video shows the Chaharshanbe Suri of Tehran in 1994. Red Wednesday or Wednesday Light are the other names of Chaharshanbe Suri. This video boardcast by IRIB TV1 .The Iranian Film Industry has garnered global fame and now enjoy an international following. Along with many countries like China, Islamic Republic of Iran has been lauded as one of the most important and also best exporters of cinema in the 1980s. Some people now rank Islamic Republic of Iran as the world’s most vital national cinema, artistically. Chahar Shanbeh Suri is the last Tuesday night in Iran known as Red Wednesday or Wednesday Light. Chaharshanbe Suri is Observed by Tajikistan, Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey,Iraqi Kurdistan and also Afghanistan

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